Role of Trade Unions in Industrial Relations

We cannot avoid Marriage in life of our Son/Daughter. Likewise we cannot avoid having Union which is like a new comer in marriage Life. You have to accept the New Entrant to your Factory. Thus the relationship between Management and Union is nothing but a family relationships of Husband and wife.

Thus it’s a known devil which is better than unknown angel. Welcome the daughter in law and listen to her. Accept and like her.

A woman without her Man, is useless It’s vice versa too A woman without her Man is useless. He may be more educated may travel, may go out to earn more buy from outside the need for the house all these equally or to an extent today a woman too capable unlike the olden days. She takes care of internal matters in the house and ensure peace and happiness despite quarrels at times. Ensure a man gets a smooth life. Have a good Savings in his account etc etc. This is the reason even today we quote “behind every successful man there is a woman”

All may be right perfect but why she is said to be equal to God…yes she takes the Pain all along for 10months delivers the child and ensures the children grows well. It’s the biggest job and responsibility no man can take and by nature it’s impossible. They the Generator they the Operator They the destroyer of Evils in life(corrects her best a man from many crisis too). So if not she an house is not a home.

Similar the case of Union in an Industry We may invest, we may monitor, we may have all equipment’s infrastructure etc etc unless the workmen does well all his work the output may not be good. He takes pain delivers your baby’s which always he does not we the Management. We manage he delivers of-course we take care of them. This should be kept always in mind for an industrial harmony and better relationships.

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